Abstral (Fentanyl) 30 pills per package. A rapidly disintegrating sublingual tablet contains fentanyl. It is approved in the treatment of breakthrough cancer pain in patients who have used opioids like morphine, for chronic cancer pain.

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Vital information Abstral (Fentanyl Sublingual Tablets)

Never use Abstral as a replacement for any other Fentanyl form like Actiq, Duragesic or Fentanyl generic brands like skin patch, injection, etc. Abstral (Fentanyl Sublingual Tablets)

You should never use Abstral to treat pain that is not cancer-related. Also, note that its misuse can cause addiction, overdose, and even death especially to kids or other people using it without a prescription. It should be stored in a place where other people cannot access it.

You should not take it in amounts that are more substantial or for a longer time than prescribed. Abstral can interact with other medicines and cause severe breathing problems.

You should also be Abstral tolerant to use the drug.

You should keep Abstral away from children because it can be fatal to them.

Before taking Abstral, tell your doctor if you have:

  • Ulcers or mouth sores
  • Any breathing condition
  • Any history of brain tumor, head injury, or seizures
  • Slow heartbeats, low blood pressure, or any other heartbeat condition
  • Any mental state like hallucinations, depression
  • Kidney or liver condition
  • A history of alcohol or substance abuse

Note that if a pregnant woman is using Abstral, the baby could become dependent on Fentanyl, which can cause life-threatening withdrawal

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