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What is Fentanyl injection

Fentanyl is a strong, synthetic narcotic that is similar to morphine. A 0.1 mg dose of fentanyl is approximately equal to 10 mg of morphine administered by intramuscular injection. Fentanyl stimulates receptors on nerves in the brain to increase the threshold to pain and reduce the perception of pain. Fentanyl is available in transdermal (for application to the skin), transmucosal (for application to mucus membranes) and parenteral (injectable) forms.

Uses for Fentanyl Injection

Fentanyl Citrate Injection is been used for the following purposes:

  • Analgesic action of short duration during the anesthetic periods, premedication, induction and maintenance and in the immediate postoperative period (recovery room) as the need arises.
  • Use as a narcotic analgesic supplement in general or regional anesthesia.
  • Administration with a neuroleptic as an anesthetic premedication, for the induction of anesthesia and as an adjunct in the maintenance of general and regional anesthesia.
  • Use as an anesthetic agent with oxygen in selected high risk patients, such as those undergoing open heart surgery or certain complicated neurological or orthopedic procedures.

How to administer Fentanyl injection

Fentanyl Citrate Injection should be administered only by persons specifically trained in the use of intravenous anesthetics and management of the respiratory effects of potent opioids.

During administration ensure the following

  • Ensure that an opioid antagonist, resuscitative and intubation equipment, and oxygen are readily available.
  • Individualize dosage based on factors such as age, body weight, physical status, and underlying pathological condition, use of other drugs, type of anesthesia to be used, and the surgical procedure involved.
  • Monitor vital signs routinely.

    Side effects of fentalyn injection

    Fentanyl is a controlled substance and is habit forming. Mental and physical dependence can occur. Abruptly stopping the drug in patients who have been taking the drug for a long time can precipitate a withdrawal reaction. Symptoms of withdrawal include nausea, diarrhea, coughing, tearing, nasal discharge, profuse sweating, twitching muscles, and yawning.

    Fentanyl can cause respiratory depression (decreased rate or depth of breathing), muscle rigidity, and reduced heart rate.


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